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Halal Meals Delivered Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Canberra| The Diet Factory

Our Meals are 100% Halal, Gluten Free, and prepared with the freshest ingredients to provide maximum nutrition. we offer fresh, healthy and tasty ready to eat halal meals. Our Diet plans are calorie controlled, portion controlled and without any preservatives. We provide 7 days weight loss plans, 5-day detox plans and convenient lunch & dinner plans. Please see our extensive range. Free Home delivery.  Areas Covered: Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra. Melbourne.

Losing excess weight is no longer than a daunting task with halal meals delivered right to your doorstep. At The diet Factory, we provide you with a well-planned low-carb diet plan that helps you speed up your weight loss process and at the same time ensures a well-balanced diet. When our daily food intake has lesser carbs and more proteins, it helps in reducing weight. Sometimes, regular exercise is also not able to help a person shed weight. As soon as a balanced-meal is combined with a regular exercise routine, desired results start showing.

The halal meals delivered to your doorstep are filling, nutritionally balanced and delectable while helping you meet your weight loss goals.

The diet plans include 100 grams carbohydrates that consist of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and whole grains. While whipping away delectable halal meals for you, we make sure that only the best are chosen for you. Every day you get to enjoy the tastiest and best halal meal. Shedding excess pounds has become so much simple and convenient with the well-managed and controlled manner of losing weight.

In case you have any queries concerning our halal meals, reach out to our expert nutritionists and get answers that satisfy your curiosity. You can also share your weight loss requirements with them, and the experts can accordingly come up with a suitable meal.

At  The diet Factory, we take pride in offering you with nutritionally-balanced, freshly-prepared and tasty halal meals that keep you satiated for long. We offer an extensive range of meal plans giving you a lot of choices. We also provide with healthy desserts and snacks that are healthy and in line with your weight loss goals. Choose options that completely meet your requirements. We also provide with comprehensive nutritional information with every meal that allows you to know how many calories you are consuming. We customize your meals as per your dietary preferences.